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Q1: How do I register as an Employer at macauHR.com?
A: Registering as an employer with MacauHR.com is easy! Click here to sign up now!

Q2: Why do I need to register with macauHR.com?
A: Registration is necessary because we know your business depends on its Human Capital. After you register your business you will have access to all the services we provide. Such as: Job posting, resume search, as well as adding your business profile page in our directory.

Q3: Why do we need to fill in the company information?
A: The information is required in order that we may contact you and provide you with receipts and other information. The more we know about your company, the better we are able to assist you.

Q4: Why do we need online recruitment?
A: Online recruitment is a cost-effective, worldwide way to quickly and effectively advertise job vacancies and attract job seekers. It is also easy to use; simply sign in to your account, and post your vacancy. It only takes 3 minutes to complete the whole process and the results will be significantly better than newspaper advertising!

Q5: Can I hire both from local and overseas talent?
A: Of course you can, we provide considerable resources via our extensive global network of partners in key major markets. We can help you find world-class expertise locally or overseas Our “Hyperlink Exchange Program” increases our capacity to attract both local and overseas candidates

Q6: What makes macauHR.com the online recruiter of choice?
A: We provide an outstanding service; we keep our costs low; our payment plan is flexible, we design recruitment ads to your specific needs. In addition, we continuously strive to improve our system to ensure that our members receive the highest quality of service and the most ideal recruitment results.

Q7: We already have an on-site recruitment section on our website. Why do we also need to use macauHR.com?
A: Unless a job seeker knows about your company, he/she won’t visit your web site… macauHR.com, the largest interactive HR network in Macau, offers maximum exposure to the local labor pool.

Q8: I'd like to change the details of one of my postings, how do I do it?
A: To change the details of a post vacancy, simply go to the Control panel and click on the "Modify" link beside the vacancy you want to update.